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VervePress -- December 2009

'Tis the season ... for HOLIDAYS -- ranging from sacred, to alternative, to downright comical! Five in all -- coming atcha in a rapid-fire two-week barrage starting with Hanukkah and ending with Kwanzaa -- with Festivus, Christmas, and the hybrid Chrismakkuh falling in between!

Fortunately, most of us celebrate only one or two -- but that may not prevent dreaded holiday overwhelm from rearing its ugly head somewhere during that stretch. So, be sure to pace yourself by practicing holiday self-care. In a nutshell (roasted chestnut, of course) -- mind your party ingesting, keep moving in some fashion, and don't over commit.

And while you're being kind to yourself, be kind to the planet. Consider sending paper-free holiday greetings; trying reusable cloth gift sacks, instead of reams of wrapping paper; and slipping in an eco-friendly gift here and there. (We've got you covered on #1 and #3 for a steal -- our 2-for-1 Holiday Sale is on NOW through 12/31 -- don't miss it!)


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Holiday, Hannukah & Christmas VerveCards -- Something For Everyone!

The elves at VerveCards have been busting their little humps keeping up with holiday ecard production -- the paint is still wet! You'll find Festivus, Chrismakkuh and Kwanzaa ecards sprinkled about the Holiday section, and Hanukkah and Christmas right where you'd expect them to be. Best of all, you can pick and choose the perfect holiday ecard for everybody on your list, whatever their persuasion! And with the various deadlines scattered about December, why not pre-schedule them all at one sitting to maintain your sanity!


Holiday Redux

The Botta Bing Botta Boom Version of the December Line-up

Hanukkah (December 11th - 19th)
Jewish rebels overtake their religious oppressors and reclaim their temple, but only have one day's worth of consecrated oil to relight the eternal flame for the rededication -- dontcha just hate when that happens? As luck would have it, the oil burns for 8 days -- just long enough to whip up another batch. Hence the 8-day celebration and all those fried latkes!

Festivus (December 23rd)
A 1997 episode of Seinfeld mentions a fictitious alternative holiday called Festivus. Trappings and customs include an unadorned aluminum pole (a tree stand-in), the "Airing of Grievances," and "Feats of Strength." The concept catches on. Folks seeking a less commercial mode of celebration seize the ball and run with it. More on this worldwide phenomenon at

Christmas (December 25th)
Brace yourself for this new-to-us take on the origins of Xmas -- those Romans sure knew how to party!
Saturnalia, a week-long orgiastic festival in ancient Rome marked by heavy boozing, nude door-to-door singing, scarfing people-shaped biscuits -- and even human sacrifice -- is celebrated from December 17th - 25th. Christian leaders sanction the wildly popular free-for-all in an effort to convert the pagan masses. To lend a more religious air to the proceedings, the last day of Saturnalia, December 25th, is designated as the official day for commemorating Jesus' birth. For more alleged Xmas factoids with a decidedly alternative spin, visit (This is by no means the final word, but it sure makes for spicy reading -- and the salient points were corroborated with other online sources.)

Kwanzaa (December 26th - January 1st)
In 1966, during the Black Freedom Movement, an activist-scholar with a controversial past, Dr. Maulana Karenga (aka Ron Karenga, Ron Everett), creates Kwanzaa to unify African Americans through celebration of their heritage and culture. The 7-day, non-religious holiday revolves around The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa (unity, self-determination, collective work & responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith). Read insightful Kwanzaa commentary at the Blackscientist blog.


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