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VervePress -- May 2010

Preparing for maximum Mom homage this Sunday,
May 9th? You're not alone. Check out these Mom-o-rama kerching stats: According to Yahoo! Finance, this Mother's Day, Americans will spend an estimated $2.43 billion on jewelry, $2.16 billion on flowers, and another $2.43 billion on a special outing to show Mom the love -- recession be damned! Truth be told, a burned toast breakfast in bed with gluey crafts by the wee ones would probably trump all. But, if you're no longer wee, then just don't forget. A snazzy VerveCard and a phone call will count in a pinch -- it's called love on the fly!


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Beloved Moms and Glad Grads Are May's VIPs!

Mamma mia ... this month, Mother's Day and Graduation ecards are center stage, and Moms of grads get top billing! Congrats, well done, and kudos to the grads! And, many tanks to the Moms (and Dads) who nudged them toward the aroma of diploma.


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Mother's Day Profiteering Irks the Founder!

Mother's Day (May 9th)
The mother of all Mother's Days dates back to ancient Greece and the annual spring tribute to Rhea, mythological mother of the gods. Ancient Romans, Celtic pagans and early Christians partook in various spring flings honoring fertility and motherhood, as well. In 17th century England, the fourth Sunday of Lent marked Mothering Sunday, a day for domestic servants living far from home to reunite with their mothers for a single day -- then back to the grind.

Mother's Day as we know it was born of Anna Jarvis' persistent lobbying in memory of her mother, Anna Reeves Jarvis, the social worker and activist who created the idea. Ironically, years after Mother's Day became official, Anna spent her inheritance and final days combating the rampant commercialism that quickly overtook it -- and was even arrested in 1948 for disturbing the peace at an anti-Mother's Day rally. She had wanted a day of sentiment, not profit -- oops!

Here's Lookin' at You Ma ... Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Mother's Day to My Well Preserved Mummy!

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Mother's Day

Holiday Redux
Mother's Day

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Mamma Mia ... Happy Mother's Day!
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