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Join now! At our low price of just $14.95 USD/year, your Membership will pay for itself in no time -- you do the math! And the value of going green with paper-free greetings -- PRICELESS! (Did you know that last year alone Americans bought more than 7 billion paper greeting cards -- and demoed all those trees in the process? Isn't it time for a switch to pixel power?)

A couple of things you should know about us before you join:

We're small, but sure. While our ecard list is constantly growing, our team of top-notch designers and copywriters is small -- and we plan to keep it that way.
We're into quality, not quantity. Looking for a gazillion hokey ecards for every occasion under
the sun? Then search elsewhere. However, if quality ecards with wry humor and snappy graphics
(sorely lacking online until now) are more your thang -- you've come to the right place!

If you're down with that, behold VerveCards' features and benefits:

Safety and speed. No virus risk -- or slo-mo links -- with our unique linkless format!
Security. Cutting-edge software to protect your personal contact and billing information!
Efficiency. A year's worth of ecards scheduled in a flash -- and a personal Ecard History to keep it all straight!
An ad-free zone. No blinking ads or stubborn pop-ups to shatter the Zen!
An all-you-can-send ecard buffet. Go nuts!

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