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VervePress - November 2009

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! VervePress is up and running -- welcome to our November 2009 inaugural issue! From now on, expect to see us monthly with Vervacious tidbits on our latest ecards and newest categories, media coverage, deals, giveaways, contests and more!

And a special feature for the first year: our month -appropriate Holiday Redux. Not exactly sure what Kwanzaa is, let alone Festivus? Forgot who started Valentines Day and why? Now that we're in the biz of holiday celebration, we'll be passing along our newfound knowledge in quick, easily digestible nuggets. Wow 'em at your next cocktail party with your mastery of holiday minutia! Your secret's safe with us.

And while we still can't divulge the status of a top secret Verve-related special project -- as soon as we're able to lift the cloak of confidentiality, we'll be breaking the news right here in VervePress!


New Categories

Thanksgiving VerveCards --

Get 'Em While They're Hot!

Our Thanksgiving ecards are warm from the oven. Feast your eyes right here! Pace your holiday prep by cooking what you can ahead of time ... and taking advantage of our "set it, then forget it" future scheduling feature. Preshedule your T-giving greetings now to arrive on or before Thursday, November 26th -- so you don't forget once you're elbow deep mashing taters and stuffing the bird!


Holiday Redux

Thanksgiving (November 26th)

The Real First Thanksgiving -- a Call From the Line Judges Puh-lease!

Very interesting -- this started as a quick and dirty fact check on the Mayflower (the ship, not the Madam), Plymouth Rock, who supped with whom, when -- and, of course, what they ate. But, lo and behold, the story of the very first Thanksgiving seems to be up for grabs!

An 11/25/08 New York Times op-ed piece states that the record is as clear as your fine holiday crystal: In June of 1564, long before the Pilgrims set sail in 1620, a group of French Calvinists (aka Huguenots) escaping religious discord touched down near Jacksonville, FL -- and held a service of thanksgiving tout de suite! But a year later, King Philip II of Spain dispatched Admiral Pedro Menendez to annihilate these squatters on Spanish territory, which he did with relish -- and we're not talking cranberry. Mission accomplished -- and with that, all trace of these pre-Pilgrims was erased by Anglophile historians.

But the plot thickens like lumpy gravy ... an 11/27/07 USA Today article makes no mention of the fallen Huguenots but maintains that the celebratory meal with the local Timucuan Indians upon Menendez's arrival in St. Augustine, FL on September 8, 1565 marks the first Thanksgiving. Who to believe?

Either way, it appears that sunny Florida, home of, was also the setting of the very first Thanksgiving. So, what did they wear -- ye olde flip-flops with brass buckles, Lilly Pulitzer pinafores and Tommy Bahama knickers? And what did they eat -- mahi-mahi and key lime pie? The answers are unclear, but according to USA Today, bean soup was the main event. So much for replicating an authentic first T-giving feast -- pass the pumpkin pie!


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Wishing You Piles of Thanksgiving Cheer!
Happy Thanksgiving With the Home Team!