The Unofficial Guide to Vervacious Living

What, pray tell, is Vervacious living? Why, it's the art of living life well with joy, enthusiasm, creativity, humor and VERVE! In the not-too-distant future, look to VerveAlert for posts on how to Vervify your life from every conceivable angle, including:
• Vervifying your look under Health and Beauty
• Vervifying your career under Right Livelihood/Entrepreneurship
• Vervifying your outlook under Prosperity/Abundance/Joy
• Vervifying your love life under Romance
• Vervifying your funny bone under Humor
• Vervifying your innards under Ingestible Verve (food/drink/recipes)
• Free-floating Verve that defies categorization under Flotsam and Jetsam

And ... read about folks who are already Verving with reckless abandon under Profiles in Vervedom. Once you've mastered the fine art of Vervacious living, perhaps we'll need to profile you!

Coming Soon!

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